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Between the pandemic, the unbearable heat, and other political/social upheavals, this summer has been a challenge. Now, add to that caring for a dementia patient. A triple Whammy!

My LO has had a marked decline in cognition over the past 3 months. I really can’t say it is the fault of our being isolated, or if it’s the “normal” progression of dementia.

Since dementia patients are not capable of creating their own activities or schedules, they depend upon the  caregiver to “find something to do.”  Of course, with CORONA-19, activities outside the home are limited. If your patient has mobility issues, taking a hike can also be ruled out.  Short trips to the grocery store, drive-thru bank, etc. are an activity.  Drive thru fast food places are also a source of interest.  Once a week or so we do a drive-thru for lunch. Not as healthy as most of our meals, but it’s a treat.

Even though my LO can still walk the dog, he has also begun venturing out to the driveway, walks around the car and comes back in. He also opens the front door 50 times a day to see what’s happening on our street. Wandering is dangerous, so keep a watchful eye if that develops.

I have found that I need to schedule my work or private time during the tines he is watching his favorite TV shows. Then I am less likely to be interrupted.  Any small activity you can find for your LO that will engage them is good.  Otherwise, as you know, they will trail and track your every move!

That’s my update. I recommend keeping up to date with JABA and the Alzheimers’ Association to see if they have any activities or suggestions that might be helpful to you!

Love and hope,