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I had a kind of flashback today. I remember, as a late teen, I would be heading off to work or play and one of my much younger sisters would glance at me and say, “Are you wearing THAT?” Followed by an eye roll, followed by me saying, “Yes, you little pipsqueeks, now go do your homework.” Or something like that.

Today I got a haircut/color. I have been wearing my hair pulled back with a hairband all summer. It was great, keeping hair off my neck and forehead in the intense heat. But, it’s fall so I decided I needed a regular big girl cut.  Same color, mostly the same bob/wedge I’ve been wearing for years. We are not talking about drastic as in blue spikes with orange highlights.

Picked up the LO after the hair-do. He got in the car and I asked him if he liked my haircut, showing him the front and back. He gave me a very unusual look. Curiosity? Disappointment? Mild disgust? I couldn’t tell. Then he said, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied.

“Strange,” he said, and looked out the window.

I kept the laugh to myself and kept driving.

You never know how even the slightest change will affect your dementia LO.  Since filters seem to fade, you can expect the reaction to be candid!  Roll with it.

Love, Jane