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The person diagnosed with dementia is NOT, I repeat, NOT the only patient.

My blood pressure stubbornly refuses to get to a level that pleases my doctor. Perhaps the reason it’s a tad high is  because the nursing home where my husband currently lives enabled him to contract a break-through case of COVID.

When I explained to my doctor that his nursing home (and many others) allow unvaccinated people to be employed, she hit the ceiling. She said that is fricking unconscionable.   Yes, it is. And every time I think of unvaccinated people walking into my husband’s room, while I cannot see him because the place is in lockdown because unvaccinated employees contaminated the place…well..there goes the blood pressure.

I am not necessarily a violent person although I have never been in a situation where violence was called for. But, if I ever find out who the unvaccinated, ignorant, selfish moron was who gave my husband COVID, I may re-think my non-violence stand and smack someone upside the head. I wonder what the BP reading would be then.