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A couple of things I have learned this week:

  1.  There may come a time when your primary care care doctor will suggest a specialist for your LO. The surprise for me was the recommendation a Gerontologist. It makes sense to get the advice a doctor who sees elderly dementia patients on a daily basis.
  2.  There is no way on this green earth that a normal person can navigate the labyrinth of Medicaid. Period. No matter what stage of dementia your LO is currently in, there is a very good chance you may eventually need Medicaid.  If you already have an attorney, you might check to see if they are up to speed on elder care issues and Medicaid issues.  If you have an attorney to handle other legal matters, you might benefit from a certified elder care planner.  These are people or companies who do nothing but guide you through Medicaid applications.  You may find their fees to be less an attorney’s fees, but that is something you’d need to research.  In any event….get the facts on Medicaid NOW!   With love & hope, Jane