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I had an anxious experience last week, and I wanted to share it with caregivers. BUT,  I got distracted when  thousands of rioters descending upon Washington.

Not that we are out of the woods with screaming nutcases protesting  all over the country, but we cannot let them control our lives and our jobs as caregivers.

So, here’s what happened.  I had dinner in the oven and thought I’d slip down the lane to the mailbox. A distance of about 30 yards.  Always a mistake to “slip down” to the mailbox wearing your house slippers and an apron over your sweat shirt and Yoga pants.   Fortunately, the weather was fairly mild.

I retrieved the mail and headed back up the lane only to be confronted with a locked storm door.  EEEEYAAHHHH.  He was standing on the inside, smiling.  It took me about 5 minutes of coaching to get him to unlock the door.  I knew he could lock it and I knew he had difficulty figuring out how to unlock it, but I forgot that one time.

He did not lock me out deliberately.  He just doesn’t understand what  he’s doing.  Similar to putting clothes on inside out.

BTW: we lock the storm door because the dog will push it open if she even SUSPECTS a cat is on our property.

The result of this episode is that now two of my dear friends and two neighbors have three keys to my house: front door, storm door and patio door. They used to have one. Oh, and I have an extra set which I now keep in the yoga pants pocket.

To say this country is in a fluid situation right now is an understatement.  Just try to keep you and your loved one safe, and for goodness sake, don’t watch too much TV news. You need your mental health as well!

With love & hope, Jane