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We’ve brought some of last year’s behaviors into the new decade. I am getting used to candlelight breakfasts. It doesn’t seem as weird these days, especially on overcast mornings where it feels like night time. I am also getting used to returning out going mail to the mail box after he brings it back to the house, thinking it was delivered, not out-going. I am not getting used to the extra helping of canned dog food or the sharing of his chocolate milk with he dog. I am trying to be calm and reasoned when I explain these kinds of “treats” can hurt her.

The New Year has also brought with it some disturbing behaviors.  Perhaps the long drive and sensory overload at a  family wedding exacerbated was going to happen anyway.  There here is a lot of confusion about our relationship.  Being married for nearly 25 years and  living in the same house for nearly 20 years seems to come as a surprise, albeit a pleasant one.  Some days there is nothing said about the issue. Other days, he needs to “straighten things out.”

I am in contact with his PCP, but there’s no pill you can take for this. It’s just another phase of dementia.

He seems to hang onto his recognition of the dog. Sometimes he thinks there is more than one. But, it is  interesting to note the effect a pet has on a dementia patient.

If your Loved One is beginning to show signs of not recognizing you or your relationship with each other, keep your Doctor in the loop, and patiently go over the facts  whenever needed.

Love and hope in 2020!