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I normally watch a lot of morning and evening network news, local and national.  I’ve got to cut back.

The disclaimer that the video you are about to see could be “upsetting”  is a gross understatement when it comes to the video being presented at the George Floyd’s murder trial.  Most of us were repulsed.

In the past couple of days the video has been shown at trial and again on  the evening news.

My husband has advanced vascular dementia. Although it is clear he does not like what he sees on the video, it does not cause him to become anxious to the point of needing medication.. He does, however, make the same remark every time he sees the officer with his knee on Mr. Floyd’s throat. He says, “What is that? That’s not right.”

And because he has advanced vascular dementia, every time he sees video of the murder, it’s the first time.

So in his mind there has been a George Floyd murder every day.  Some would say there has been.

I will continue to follow the trial, but his news-watching hours are going to be cut way back.

With love  & hope,