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I have read a few articles in the past week or so about living with a dementia patient during the pandemic. Most of the examples they gave were of patients who are in late state dementia.

There are so many examples of where our healthcare system needs improvement. Certainly, the current administration is not going to attempt to introduce any kind of healthcare reform.   But, thinking ahead, I am convinced there will be a tsunami of cases of late stage dementia patients who are going to have to go somewhere.

Imagine being one of the 17 million people out of work, with no health insurance. And then imagine a that person’s family member who lives with them has a steep decline in cognition. i.e., the dementia gets really bad.

Of all these cases of dementia, how many of their caregivers have an extra 5-10 thousand dollars month to get them into a facility.  Of all the people I know, I cannot think of one who, at the end of the month, has an extra 5-10 grand in their bank account. Not one.

I think it’s time we think about re-opening state hospitals. Only this time do it right.  Everything from a compassionate, well trained, well paid staff to a calming environment.  And we can figure out how to do this so that when  a grocery store clerk, or delivery person, or any of the millions of average Americans has to find a place for a loved one, they can do it within their means.

We live in a country where the cost healthcare for elderly disabled increases by 8-10 percent annually. It should be the opposite. Why are we not the world’s leading, shining example of how to care for our own?

Meanwhile, if you are struggling with an early stage dementia patient, my book has some helpful insights. If don’t want to buy the book, but still have questions, please drop me an email, and I’ll be happy to respond.

Love & Hope,