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There are times when you are going to feel as though you operate a diner!

Some people have a set time (especially retirees) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people graze through the day; breakfast around 10, lunch, 2-ish, dinner close to 9.  You get the idea.

However, whether it’s a symptom of the dementia or aging or a combination of both, your LO will begin to expect meals at a specific time. And it may not be a time convenient or desirable for you. Also, your LO might not be really hungry, just bored.

I like to cook, but I do not like to begin dinner preparation at 3 o’clock!  I try to get dinner on the table at 6.

Sometimes that is just not what the LO can deal with. So, I keep a supply of healthy microwavable meals in the freezer.  If I determine his patience has completely run out by 5, I know I can get dinner on the table in a few minutes.

Eating early can sometimes lead to a midnight snack attack.  Keep bananas on hand!

Consider this: if your LO can be by himself for a couple of hours, serve dinner at five, and then go have a manicure or meet a friend for a restorative glass of wine.

Hugs, Jane