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Have you got one of these? (see below) It’s a doorknob with a lock on the inside (privacy lock) usually found on bathroom or bedroom doors.  This one happens to be the door to our powder room. My LO inadvertently locked it.. Fortunately he was on the outside.

The little hole you see is a safety mechanism in the event a child, or in this case, a dementia patient locks himself inside.  When this happens you will find yourself scurrying about trying the find the correct rigid tool that will fit in the lock to “pop” it.  Don’t scurry. Go buy your self a set of very small Allen Wrenches.  It took me 10 seconds to pop the lock with my trusty Allen Wrench!  After you have opened the door, put the Allen Wrench in a place where it can be easily be retrieved, like your kitchen tool/junk drawer.

As with most surprises you encounter with a dementia patient, it’s not a matter of “if” he locks a door, but when.

Now you’re prepared.  On to the next adventure in Caregiving!

With love & hope, Jane