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As a caregiver, an occupation you probably didn’t train for (like me!), you are constantly questioning your judgement and trying to answer your own questions.

My LO seems very forgetful. Should I call our Doc? Should I take over finances? Should I look into Power of Attorney?  Yes, yes and yes.

A friend of our family who facilitates memory care support groups in the Chicago area told me recently that he has never talked to a caregiver who said, ” I made decisions too soon.”

I have had to begin the very confusing process of applying for Medicaid and investigating Memory Care facilities. My LO is not ready to go, BUT I don’t know when that will have to happen, and if I don’t have a plan in place, the delays could be very costly and more stressful than it’s going to be anyway.

In addition to your other research and investigations, do 3 things. Join a support group where you will hear suggestions and ideas you haven’t thought of. Check with your area agency on aging for referrals to support groups. Next, schedule an introductory session with an Elder Care Attorney. Finally, if you are in the beginning stages of dementia care giving or know someone who is, I recommend you get a copy of my book, The A to Z Guide for Primary Caregivers of Dementia Patients. I wrote it because when I began this journey, no one recommended a book that had the “heads up” subjects I needed to know.  I had no way of knowing when and what was going to happen. The book is a helpful preview.  You can order it on the web site.

Love and hope, Jane