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In addition to enjoying traditional holiday meals, part of the fun of long holiday weekends, is traditional activities. Those can include anything from a long hike to attending a football game to skiing.

Is your loved one capable of participating in activities? You know what your loved one’s attention span is.  Make sure your activity is within your loved ones’ time range.

Find out what the host has planned before you travel.  For example: family and friends may not realize (or they might be in denial) that your loved one cannot participate in an afternoon skiing trip.  Let people know what is possible and what is not!  Then plan your activity accordingly.

If you are hosting, be clear about what time and for which meal/meals everyone reconvenes at your house!  You are not responsible for three meals a day through the weekend.

The addition of company, the increased activity and the change in his/her daily routine can make a dementia patient vey agitated.  For instance, if your loved one is accustomed to a mid-afternoon nap, advise your guests that the hours of 2-4 are non visiting hours, or at least it’s quiet time in your home during those hours.

Planning ahead and keeping the activities short and simple will result in a much happier holiday and a much happier you!

with love and hope,