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I talk about the joy and responsibility of owning a pet in “The A to Z Guide for Primary care Givers of Dementia Patients”.

What I want to warn pet-owning-caregivers about is this:  Be sure your LO is NOT sharing his/her own treats with the dog (or other pet).

This morning a saw our dog lapping up a kind of liquid in her food dish. On inspection I realized my LO was sharing his chocolate milk with the dog.  I quickly grabbed the bowl, rinsed it out and calmly explained to him that chocolate is very bad for dogs.  I told him she could get very sick.I hope that sunk in.

Be aware of behaviors like this. He loves the dog, i.e.: the dog will love to drink what he likes to drink. NO!

Holiday are coming up and candy will abound. Try to keep anything dangerous to an animal away from your LO!

Love, Jane