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If you are a caregiver, I want you to think back on the day when your LO was diagnosed. Likely as not, you were with him/her.   You got the diagnosis. Perhaps you were instructed to make a follow-up appointment with a neurologist or other medical professional.

Then what happened? Did anyone hand you a brochure? Recommend a book? I doubt it.  If you were lucky you got a recommendation to contact the Alzheimer’s Association.

No one sat you down to tell you your life was about to change forever.  No one told you how to handle the daily changes in your LO.

This infuriates me.  That’s one reason I wrote the book., The A to Z Guide for Caregivers of Dementia Patients.”

Whether you buy the book or not, I urge you to insist to whoever diagnosed your LO’s dementia, that you are part of the package of treatment and care.