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This is a reminder for Caregivers to do an “inventory” of your support team.

Have you identified about 6 or so members of your support team? Do you have all contact info for them? Some members of your team may live quite a distance away. They are good for moral support or venting. However, the majority of your support team should live within a short drive from you, because they are the ones you need in an emergency.  Some team members are best for daytime, while others may be best for evenings.

Have you alerted or reminded those folks that they ARE part of your support team?  They should not be surprised in the event they are needed.

I am reminding you about this because I had an unexpected trip to the ER earlier this month. One of my support team members took my LO home and got him lunch on the way. Another brought us dinner that night. I was in no shape to prepare or shop for meals!

Make sure your support team list is current and accurate. Some folks may have moved, or taken a job where they are no longer available.  Make sure the list is up to date and in a place where you can easily find it!