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From February 18th to March 10th our little buddy Mercury is in retrograde.  I’m pretty sure that means the planet is going backwards just to mess with earthlings.  During this time we are to be careful about Communication, Travel, Technology and Legal matters.   Lay low during this time or be VERY careful if you do have to travel or get a new computer or get involved in some legal issue. Just be sure you understand and are understood.

But, my astrologer friend also reminded me that retrogrades are a perfect time to re-group and re-view.

Let me offer a couple of suggestions for review.   Take a look at the prescription meds your LO is taking. Ask your Doc if they are still needed, or if the dosage should be altered. Sometimes we just go along with a prescription order without asking if it’s still appropriate.

Also, review legal documents.  Power of Attorney.  For your LO and for you!  Insurance.  If your LO has given up his/her drivers’ license, are you still paying insurance on him/her?  Take a look at your wills. Who is the executor? Might that need a change?

I find that if I have to get all the paperwork together for the accountant for income tax purposes, I might as well take a look at all the other paperwork.  Double checking now will prevent nasty surprises later!

Love & Hope,