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About Jane Foy

Like many people my age, I’ve had a few jobs and careers. I was an actress, stage manager, and public relations practitioner. I wrote, edited, produced, anchored and hosted for both TV and radio. I owned a special events planning company and was a partner of an inn and restaurant.

Some of these jobs or professions I actually trained for, and others required intense on-the-job training. Some were dumb luck. Some were just a dumb decision.

I am also a wife, sister, and aunt, and a friend. Those are roles you pretty much understand and grow into.

I have a fulfilling part-time job. I read, garden, cook, and swim. Sometimes I go to the gym. I manage a home, a dog, and my loved one, who has vascular dementia.

Becoming a primary caregiver to an individual? Not on the career path. No training. But being a primary caregiver is what I do most of the time.

I don’t really think of myself as an author – not yet. I think of myself as a person who has helpful suggestions for others entering the world of memory loss of a loved one.

Jane Foy, Author
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