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The other day, I asked the LO if he would retrieve my coffee cup from the kitchen and bring it to me in the dining room. He brought me my cell phone. On another day, we were visiting a friend and she complained that she had misplaced her glasses.  He handed her a wine bottle opener. Something a little fancier than a corkscrew!

After a chat with the ALZ. Helpline I learned there is not a term for this symptom, but it is very common behavior.

It could be that by the time he got to the kitchen he forgot what the mission was and grabbed the first object he saw, in order to be helpful.   Or he completely misinterpreted what was asked of him.

If you are experiencing this symptom in your LO, kindness is key.  Don’t correct him for bringing you the wrong object. Thank him for bringing your cell phone to you, and go retrieve the coffee cup without comment.

Love & hope,