Holiday Lunch!

We were at lunch the other day when I noticed a happy trio of women across the aisle.

I overheard them talking about this lunch being a birthday celebration for the eldest of the three.  The celebrant was 94. She was having a delightful tine.

She did not have dementia, but it gave me an idea:  if you know of someone with dementia, if at all possible, take the person to lunch.  As we all know, we all DO NOT need anymore stuff.  Lunch is an outing and it’s interaction with other folks.  Include the caregiver as well.  Or, if the dementia patient feels comfortable with just you or an another friend, take the patient to lunch and give the caregiver a break. Or take lunch to the patient and let the caregiver go out for lunch.

Your time and attention is the very best  holiday gift.






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