The Book is coming and so are the Holidays!

I have written an A-Z guide for care givers of dementia patients.  I am now looking for a publisher who will take my design and  get the thing on the shelves, the internet, etc.  I am very unfamiliar with the world of publishing, but hope to see some results in the coming weeks.

Meantime, Thanksgiving is a mere ten days away. Stress should not be part of the celebration.  This is a good time to consider how to simplify not only Turkey Day, but all the upcoming holidays, because if you think you are stressed, imagine what your loved one with dementia feels.

Talk about the “New Normal!” The holidays are the perfect time to develop your new normal.

Do you have to host Thanksgiving dinner?  If you do host, will you allow your guests to participate?  You don’t have to be “Rambo of the Kitchen!”  Remember, Martha Stewart has people.

Consider being a guest who brings a course.  I like that idea these days. That way I can concentrate on a really good pie or side dish, enjoy the dinner, help with the dishes and when I see my LO get antsy to leave, we’re gone.

And, just for fun, Google the Pioneer woman’s Shortcut Thanksgiving. It is nothing short of inspirational!

Happy rainy Tuesday!

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