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“Caregiver” is not a job for which we train nor is it one to which we aspire … we just are.

Introducing "The A-Z Guide for Primary Caregivers of Dementia"
by Jane Foy
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Once a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, the caregiver’s life changes forever. How your life will change depends on how and when your loved one begins to demonstrate the effects of memory loss.

In her book, Jane Foy shares her personal story of caring for a loved one with dementia. Through experiences and insights delivered with empathy and humor, she offers advice and hope to new caregivers who are learning to navigate this challenging and life-changing condition.

The A-Z Guide for Primary Caregivers of Dementia Patients

This book is a guide for people living with and caring for a person with dementia. Specifically, it is for those whose loved ones have been RECENTLY diagnosed.

You won’t know how your life will change until your loved one starts demonstrating the effects of memory loss.  Each patient is unique and there are about fourteen types of dementia. You won’t know WHEN more symptoms will present themselves or what they will be.

Initial indicators of dementia could involve money matters such as forgetting to pay bills, or personal hygiene issues, like forgetting how to shave or shower.

The A to Z Guide for Primary Care Givers of Dementia Patients provides a “heads up” for caregivers.  It contains suggestions for how to deal with everyday living issues associated with dementia, as well as how to be proactive for the future and how to involve family and friends in your new life.

Whether you are a primary caregiver or want to help someone who is, this is a book loaded with well-earned advice from a caregiver who has been there. Humorous, touching, and always practical, Foy provides a roadmap for the patient women and men who care for their loved ones.

Delegate Rob Bell

Clear, concise, humorous. Pure Jane Foy, and she’ll walk you through what you need to do.

Rita Mae Brown

Award-winning NY Times bestselling author

As a caregiver, have you ever felt like you were drowning when suddenly someone tosses you a life preserver? Jane’s guide makes you realize you are not alone. It provides practical advice and offers solutions. Having been a caregiver myself, it also made me chuckle about some of my own memories. I think you will enjoy reading this helpful guide and using the advice it contains.

Richard W. Lindsay, M.D.

Consultant, Lindsay Institute for Innovation in Caregiving